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Alan L. Finkel

What Makes Attorney Alan L. Finkel Uniquely Qualified To Represent You?

Alan Finkel offers extreme value. Whether you are using him as a mediator and paying the incredibly low amount of $3500 for a full divorce or legal separation; or $7500 (our minimum fee) for individual representation for marriages with or without children; or $15,000 for high net worth individuals. Alan is able to guide you through the complicated labyrinth of divorce or separation. The divorce Guru helps lead you through the process towards reaching your individual goals.

Alan offers a made to order service to support each client’s individual needs at one of life’s most stressful times.

After 35 years representing couples or individuals Alan has attained a reputation as “The Divorce Guru”.


  • Licensed for 35 years in NY


Guru is a Sanskrit term
for a “teacher or a guide” of
certain knowledge or field