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The Law Offices of Alan L. Finkel.
"Excellent. He treated me like a family member."– Jennifer M.
"Alan became my attorney after another attorney did poor legal representation. Alan was able to largely clean up the mess that resulted from working with another attorney. I’m thankful that Alan continued to work with me on divorce and post-divorce matters. He treated me with respect and provided much needed humor on more difficult days. I’m completely comfortable with my decision to retain him as my attorney and only wish that he had been my attorney from day 1.

I received wonderful representation. He was on top of his game and yet down to earth in communication with him. I highly recommend Alan."– Erin G.
"Divorce is a very hard thing to go through. Mr. Finkel simplified the process for us and made sure that both sides of the divorce were treated fairly. He was very professional and at the end of the day made sure that both of us were agreeable to the terms of the mediation

Alan was professional, knowledgeable and to the point. For us, he served as a divorce mediator and looked to make sure we were both comfortable with what was presented. I would recommend his services to others that have to go through this process."– Dexter T.
"He cut to the chase and firmly brokered a deal that causes little anguish on both sides and saved us time and money, honest broker in deal although he represents you he does not allow you to drink your own kool-aid and aids you getting your feet back on the ground and anchored to reality.

I was lucky as I had a good man represent me and after hearing my friends in similar situations stories; I know I got lucky! Excellent thinker, super strategic deal makers, honest and fair, does not allow both sides to get into a hurricane of emotions."– Burt Z.
"Alan Finkel treated my case with utmost respect and professionalism. He put a lot of time and effort into understanding the details specific to the case; he explained clearly all legal aspects and provided well-thought suggestions at every step. Alan included me in each and every decision and I was very comfortable making such decisions, precisely because he kept me in the loop. Last but not least, Alan found the best way to control me, his own client, whenever my own impatience might have led me to make wrong decisions. He did that with best methods. Overall, I am very happy I hired Alan Finkel for my case. I would strongly recommend Alan Finkel to any friend or acquaintance who might find himself or herself in similar situations."– Adrian C.
"Smooth"– Thomas C.
"Alan made the process easy and less stressful. While I wanted what was best for me, I wanted the divorce to be as painless as possible for the good of the children. Alan worked for both of us trying to show each of us what he believed was fair. While there were some things I wasn't happy about, being the nature of what caused the divorce, it was fair enough to prevent the Lawyer vs Lawyer no holds barred, working for the best for their client attacks that would have caused major friction working its way into the children's eyes and minds. It was also easier on the bank account."– Doug O.
"Excellent legal knowledge in Family Law and Divorce Law. This firm makes clients understand the legal aspects specific to the particular case and keeps the client in the decision making loop. Alan Finkel has excellent "think ahead" skills in setting up best strategies, as well as tactical skills to decide efficiently on immediate steps at each and every turn the case might take. While divorce cases are by their nature highly emotional, Alan helped me tremendously in calmly navigating through my case. Based on my experience, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Alan Finkel."– Adrian C.
"Alan Finkel is a solid thinker who reduces the emotions of divorce and sets the logic at your feet to enable you to not waste time and money and accomplish your goals."– Burt Z.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Alan Finkel for the past few months. He is a down to earth, and likable Attorney who is extremely knowledgeable in Divorce and Mediation in Commack, NY and surrounding areas where he practices. If it's personal attention you are looking for and decades of experience, Alan Finkel is your guy!!"– Michelle F.
"I will be forever grateful to Alan. He helped me so much with the process of my divorce. He helped me to stay sane as well as made me feel like he was in it with me. I wasn’t doing it alone and when you are going through something like this that is what you need. Alan and his wife Michelle made me feel like family every time I walked through the door. He was amazing and made sure I was treated fairly and that I got everything I deserved. I can never thank him enough for everything he did for me."– Kelli D.
"Mr. Finkel served as a mediator for my divorce and he made sure that both sides were comfortable with the terms. He did not favor one side over the other and helped us through a difficult process. He was knowledgeable, responsive and professional. I would recommend him to help anyone through the mediation process."– Dexter T.
"I was referred to Alan after my divorce as I was facing mounting challenges from my ex-spouse. Alan’s approach wasn’t like most other divorce attorneys, he wanted to understand my situation, my life, my circumstances and I quickly learned he cared about me as a person and the well-being of me and my family. Alan’s experience is unmatched and his compassion and unbiased opinions helped me focus on what was important and how we could approach the problems I was facing thoughtfully and more importantly objectively. It’s been several years now and I have referred countless people to Alan, I’m also proud to call him a friend. Alan’s an amazing person, a sharp attorney and you’re only mistake would be to not choose him. His approach makes all the difference and in the end he genuinely wants to help you move on with your life not keep you stuck in the past for his own professional gain."– Nicholas T.
"In one of the most difficult times in my life having Alan and his team in my corner helped me know that I was making the right decisions for my future. He treats like you are family, with respect and dignity."– Mary T.

"I consider myself lucky to have located the best attorney to handle my divorce. It began with a consultation to decide whether I needed mediation or if I should hire an attorney to represent me in my divorce.

After consulting with Mr. Alan Finkel, I am ever so grateful that I made the decision to hire him to represent me.

Mr. Finkel was kind enough to listen to all of my concerns and answer all my questions, kept lines of communication open for consultation and questions throughout the process. His conversations were always a collaboration and his advice invaluable. He managed to make a very unhappy situation turn out to be as painless as possible with a positive outcome in my favor in all ways I had hoped for.

I highly recommend Mr. Alan Finkel to represent anyone who wishes to receive sound advice, honest and open communication and the utmost professionalism."

– Donna
"Great divorce lawyer - He settled my divorce very quickly and very cheaply after two other lawyers did nothing and cost me thousands."– Michael
"Great divorce mediator - complicated divorce, 15 year marriage, house, 3 kids, professional degrees, pensions; total cost to me and my wife less than $6,000; got quotes for over $15,000 elsewhere"– Joseph
"Mr. Finkel is a very good strategist. He knows his material, is fair and ethical. However, if necessary he will strongly represent you against unethical spouses and their lawyers while continuing to do the right thing. I highly recommend him. He's the real deal!"– Jennifer
"Separation/Divorce - Mr Alan Finkel did a great job at handling my legal separation and divorce. Everything went smooth and was never bothered with unnecessary phone calls or emails. He is also very friendly and tells you like it is. Dealing with Alan for both my separation and divorce made me feel very comfortable knowing I could trust in him doing a good job. If you need an honest lawyer for your separation/divorce call Alan Finkel. You won’t be sorry."– Sally
"Working with Alan took what could have been a very stressful and scary process, and made it feel easy. I think what was most helpful was that my ex and I both felt heard. Alan is extremely fair and comfortable to talk to. And while he presents the information factually, he manages to keep friendly rapport. If you are splitting with your partner, I highly suggest mediation with Alan."– Dani I.