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How Can Parents Safeguard Their Children’s Future, And What Does That Mean?

It’s really simple: safeguarding a child’s future means turning them into a happy adult. Parents raise their children, and the children learn good manners or they don’t; they learn to read and write well or they don’t; they learn to be good parents or they don’t. The goal is to get them through good school systems, and to keep them healthy and happy. Accomplishing this costs lots of money, especially in this neck of the woods. But much more important is the parenting of these children.

The best way to safeguard a child’s future is for the parents to be good parents, and to be nice to each other, respectful and loving, supportive and kind. They made a commitment to each other, got married, and had children, but there is no guarantee that it will work out. The children, however, didn’t ask for anything. The children didn’t even ask to be here; that was a decision made by the parents. Parents have a big obligation to the human beings they create and bring into the world. Mothers don’t really have a problem with this, because they know how to do it inherently, and they make a connection between what they were taught by their parents, and what they will teach their children.

It can be tough to secure a child’s future in Suffolk County, and sadly, one of the only ways to do it might be to move the family to Florida or North Carolina. In the remote world people are now living in, moving is a lot easier. Most people can’t afford housing in this area, because the housing market has exploded.

How can parents secure their children’s future in a place where they can’t afford to live? It’s so difficult it’s almost impossible. If there is not enough money, it leads to stress. Stress leads to fighting or bad behavior. The parents won’t be happy, and ultimately this will likely lead to divorce.

The best option would be to move to an affordable location as a family, choose a good career, work hard, get educated, and come home and be nice to each other. People shouldn’t allow themselves to be ruled by a lack of money for frivolous things like going to the hair or nail salon, seeing a show in the city or driving an expensive car.

People who are poor cannot afford to live in Suffolk County. The middle class is shrinking or evaporating—I don’t even know what middle class is. A couple needs to make a minimum of $150,000 or $200,000 combined, which is a 25 percent raise in the cost of living. When the two-dollar or three-dollar item becomes $3.50, especially from a class outlet like Trader Joe’s that doesn’t want to raise their prices because of their reputation, that’s a clear indication that everything else will fall down the line.

Houses that used to sell for $400,000 now cost $550,000 or $600,000, which is a huge difference that many couples can’t afford. As the prices of houses, gasoline, and grocery store items creep up, it’s going to become increasingly difficult for people to afford living here. This is because these price increases don’t come with a 25 percent increase in salary. For this reason, the most difficult thing for people in Suffolk County and Long Island to do is secure their children’s future, and help those children become proper functioning adults, and eventually parents.

If A Couple Ends Up Separating Or Divorcing On Long Island, How Can They Secure Their Children’s Emotional Future?

To secure the emotional future of children on Long Island and in Suffolk County, parents should find a good therapist for the children if a divorce is in the cards. This is a hard thing to do, and people will need help with it. Children need guidance, and most of them are not going to listen to a therapist. This is why parents have to internalize it, learn it, and live it; they can’t just assume that going to a therapist with their children once a week is sufficient for giving the children a good life.

They also need to try to find a way to make more money. Parents should be nice to each other, and not stay married if they are not compatible. If the husband or wife in a marriage feels uncomfortable when they come home, that’s a warning sign that things are not good and will not improve unless a change is made and there is a lot of behavioral modification.

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